Wine Travel: Tiny Rhode Island Is Big On Wine

If you’ve never been to Rhode Island, let us be the first to encourage you to visit. Simply put, Rhode Island is unforgettable. Often nicknamed “America’s First Resort” tiny Rhode Island is much more. Its climate is tempered by the Atlantic Ocean, and there are miles upon miles of breathtaking beaches (and views) to savor and enjoy.

Further inland, Rhode Island offers the cosmopolitan and historic city of Providence and a surprising array of agricultural activity, punctuated by a small but thriving wine industry. If this surprises you, you’re not alone … we were surprised as well! But grapes grow in plentiful numbers here, and winemakers have adapted their art in accordance with what nature provides.

There are five wineries in Rhode Island, making this is a perfect weekend wine travel destination. Interestingly, Rhode Island’s climate is very similar to the north of France, which is famous for its wine production. Since Providence is our starting point, let’s learn a bit more about this charming and vibrant city adjacent to Narragansett Bay.

Providence: A City Of Great Neighborhoods

We were delighted to discover that Providence, the capitol of Rhode Island with a population of 175,000, is a very walkable city. What better way to explore a city than to feel its pulse on foot? Among Providence’s neighborhood destinations are Wayland Square, Federal Hill, and of course the downtown area.

Federal Hill, long known for its “Little Italy” area, teems with dining opportunities. If you’re a fan of independent stores and shops, don’t miss Wayland Square on the city’s east side. And let’s not forget downtown Providence, a destination for dining, nightlife, and historic architecture.

Rhode Island Wine

Since Rhode Island is such a small state, one could quite possibly visit all five wineries in two days. However, you’d miss the simple pleasure of discovering all that Rhode Island has to offer. We were struck how lush, green, and rural the area became as we traveled outside of Providence.

Just a few minutes from the Massachusetts border is the small town of Cumberland, home of Diamond Hill Vineyards. Located on a 34 acre site, it’s so picturesque here that weddings and special events are common in front of the 220 year old vineyard house. Known for its Pinot Noir grapes, Diamond Hill also has an excellent reputation for fruit wines.

South of Providence in Newport County, you’ll find three wineries: Greenvale Vineyards, Newport Vineyards and Winery, and Sakonnet Vineyards. Each location is a scenic gem! In addition to the gorgeous scenery, each winery hosts numerous seasonal events, perfect for relaxing and enjoying crisp, delightful Rhode Island vintages.

Leaving the Newport area and heading toward Rhode Island’s southwestern coastal area, you’ll find Langworthy Farm Winery in Westerly, just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean. Langworthy is situated on a family farm with an 1875 Victorian farmhouse that welcomes overnight guests. The grounds feature a stunning Norway maple tree that is reportedly the largest of its kind in the state

You’ll find wine for any palate at these charming Rhode Island wineries, from deep complex reds to light and crisp Rieslings. So, here’s to little Rhode Island … small in size but very very big in wine, taste, and scenery! Once you visit, you’ll never forget. Cheers!

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Booking An Accommodation In Dublin, Ireland Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this article discussed factors such as your budget, and location that need to be considered when making a booking for your visit to Dublin and Ireland. Dublin is divided into 5 major divisions, namely Temple Bar (City Centre), North City Centre, South City Centre, North County and South County. The locations near the city centre are closest to the popular tourist attractions and also have the most popular pubs and restaurants. The areas further from the city centre are ideal for people who want some privacy, and who want to stay away from the busy life of the heart of the city.
When choosing an accommodation, you should also consider factors like the type of accommodation. Dublin offers a number of accommodation types, which include Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses, Townhouses, Apartments, Bed and Breakfasts and Self Catering Apartments. These accommodation types are discussed in this part of the article.
Hotels Dublin has a chain of hotels each providing quality service in its arena. All these hotels cater to the needs of the clients and ensure that the guests feel at home with their staff and services. All hotels in Dublin have bars. For a list of hotels in Dublin, Ireland, visit
Hostels Hostels in Dublin are available to provide warm service and accommodation to both students and travellers. They provide economical and budget accommodation to backpackers or to those who are on budget vacation. Hostels also provide an ideal accommodation for students, and have the facility of letting you choose whether you want to have a separate room or are comfortable in sharing a large room with other people. A list of popular hostels in Dublin, Ireland is given at Dublin Events.
Guesthouses Dublin has a wide variety of top class guesthouses each competing in providing the true Irish welcome to its guests. They are one fine option to ponder about when considering accommodation in Dublin. Some guesthouses boast of traditional d├ęcor suitably coupled with all the latest modern amenities for perfect leisure and perfect relaxation for the business and leisure guest. Find some great Guesthouses in Dublin, Ireland and book your stay with them on your next visit.
Townhouses Dublin’s townhouses are rightly boasted of being the finest in the country as each provides services which are second to none. Majority of the townhouses are situated in the heart of Dublin making easy reach possible to the city attractions. For a list of Townhouses in Dublin, visit Dublin Events
Apartments Dublin’s traditional Victorian inspired large houses are being replaced by the contemporary lifestyles of living, where people are now acquiring and living in apartments. These apartments are not only compact, but also hold all the required essentials for both travellers and residents. Find all information about apartments and shared houses in Dublin, Ireland online.
Bed and Breakfasts Dublin Bed n’ Breakfasts offer Romantic Vacations, accommodations for Business Travellers, venue for meetings, reunions, weddings and have many more things in the offering. Each Bed n Breakfast accommodation has distinctive style, which adhere to the highest standards of excellence in accommodations, facilities, culinary delights, and guest services. You will experience some real top-quality Bed n Breakfast experience in this part of Europe. To get a list of some of the Bed and Breakfasts in Dublin, check online at
Self Catering Apartments Self Catering accommodation offers a wide selection of self-contained properties ranging from apartments, holiday cottages, apartments and other holiday complexes. They are available for rental over a short or long period, and provide tourists with comfort and privacy. These self-catering accommodations are available in different price ranges depending on the services they have in the offering. Dublin Events lists some of the self catering apartments and accommodation available for rent in Dublin, Ireland.
These articles will help you choose an appropriate choice for your stay in Dublin based on your budget options, area/location where you plan to stay and your selection of living. For more detailed information on availability and online booking facilities for accommodations in Dublin, visit Our accommodations resource will help you pick the best deal for your visit. You will also find some special deals on hotels and other accommodations as well as hot deals, and accommodation for major events like the upcoming Ryder Cup. Online booking facility is also available so that you can book your accommodation well in advance.

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Travel Magazines For Island Destinations

The islands of the Caribbean. Ask almost any person and you’d find that the term is practically synonymous with fun and relaxation. That’s pretty apparent. When you want to travel, those may be the only things you’d like to experience. And what better way to have the ultimate experience of fun and relaxation than to learn more about the place you’re visiting? This is where Caribbean travel magazines become important.

From dull to spectacular, from humdrum to out-of-this-world, Caribbean travel magazines teach you everything you need to know about your adventure. It’s not just travel tips and vacation ideas, but also small details, like inside information on the Caribbean lifestyle. You can find these valuable resources at any newsstand, magazine shop, or even at the airport.

A selection of the top picks of Caribbean travel magazines is listed below. Take time to browse through these titles. When you’ve finished readying you’ll know as much, if not more, than local tour guides.

Port Hole Cruise Magazine

If your Caribbean travel is all about cruising and cruises, then the Port Hole Cruise Magazine may serve as your ultimate resource guide. Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a veteran sailor of the high seas, you would certainly want a copy of this Caribbean travel magazine for advice on who, what, when, where, and how to go on a dream Caribbean cruise.

Tempt your senses. Inspire the explorer in you. Allow the pages of this magazine answer all your cruising questions. The Port Hole Cruise Magazine is published twice a month, setting a non-stop course to become the cruise vacation source.

Caribbean Travel and Life

The beach bum at heart trusts the Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine for advice on how to relax in the islands. This Caribbean travel magazine offers tips on resort and hotel reservations, travel specials, free travel information, rental properties, real estate, competitions and virtually every piece of information you’re looking for.

Simply visit this Caribbean travel magazine’s site at and fill out the form provided to receive a complimentary issue of Caribbean Travel and Life. Every issue of this Caribbean travel magazine is dedicated to exploring the Caribbean islands, one of the most fascinating regions on the planet.

Caribbean World

As the first award winning quarterly lifestyle and Caribbean travel magazine in the world, the Caribbean World magazine features its best section yet, called the island focus where the creative writers of magazine focus on one island in the Caribbean and tell you all about its interesting little details from local legends to fabulous attractions. Other sections of this Caribbean travel magazine include hot gossip, fashion, food, sports, and weddings.

Caribbean World can help you plan your vacation with a list of monthly events and activities. You’ll find event dates and even tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of every Island moment. Caribbean World is held in such high regard that John Jefferies, Chairman of the Coco Reef Resorts in Tobago, claims that the magazine’s success “is due to a rare combination of great journalism, mauvais langue, cutting-edge features, and a rare style that pleasurably informs the readers.”

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Travel Benefits Of Car Hire Murcia

Anyone traveling to Murcia, Spain will find that it is much more convenient to travel around the region with a car. Murcia will be far easier to explore if you can find a good deal on a car hire Murcia. This is especially true if you are traveling as a group or family. You will also be able to avoid the extra expenses of public transportation and cabs, as well as the inconvenience. Car hire Murcia allows you to explore on your schedule and at your pace.

You can, certainly, find much to keep you occupied during your trip to Murcia beginning from the time you step out of the airport to the time you step back to travel home. Many travelers have found that a car hire is the best way to make the most out of their time in the area. Here is some information to help you find some great car hire deals.

The cost of car hire in Murcia is fairly reasonable when compared to what you would spend on alternate means of transportation, such as public transportation and cabs. With so much history, culture, sightseeing and beautiful weather to enjoy, the last thing you want to do is waste your time waiting for public transportation. Hiring a car gives you the flexibility to travel quickly, easily and hassle-free.

Fortunately, hiring a car is affordable and fairly easy if you go online where you can select from a variety of vehicles and prices to meet your travel and budget needs. Additionally, you can also search the Internet to find great deals on flights to Murcia and accommodations in the area. You can compare prices and packages online from the convenience of your own home, on your schedule and at a pace of your choosing. Once you find the perfect deal for your trip, you can then book your car hire and other travel arrangements like home arrangements easily, quickly and virtually in one location.

There are several factors to consider when making car hire arrangements, with your budget and the number of travelers as the two main factors. If you intend to travel as a family or a group, you can choose from some of the larger, economical vehicles affording everyone extra space and comfort. Solo travelers or those traveling as a couple may prefer traveling through the region in style with a smaller, sporty vehicle. Regardless of which vehicle is ultimately selected, you will find that a car hire makes exploring Murcia and its beautiful sights much easier, enjoyable and on your schedule!

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